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Why Winmark Should Be Your Ultimate Choice for Custom Stamps

At Winmark Stamp & Sign, we’re more than your average stamp and sign company. Empowering businesses with our products for nearly six decades, we’re a trusted manufacturer of custom stamps, signs, labels, and engraving projects. Today, we delve into why you should choose Winmark for your custom stamp needs.

  1. Customized to Your Desire

Whether you need custom rubber stamps, date stamps, monogram stamps, or specialty stamps, we’ve got you covered. We create personalized stamps with text, date, logo, custom design, and even your signature. When you choose Winmark, you get exactly what you want, the way you want it.

  1. Quality You Can Trust

Over 55 years in the business has taught us a thing or two about quality. Our products aren’t just about functionality, but also about durability and performance. We offer professional-grade stamps that are designed to last and deliver excellent impressions every time.

  1. Easy Online Ordering System

With our quick and easy online ordering, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get your custom stamp. Browse our collection, choose what you want, and voila! We’ll get it ready for you.

  1. Service That Stands Out

Our exceptional customer service doesn’t end once the stamp is dispatched. We believe in establishing long-lasting relationships with our customers, we are here to help and guide and provide solutions to the wants and needs of our customers.

  1. We Offer Free Shipping

Yes, you read that right. We offer free shipping on orders of $50 or more. You can order all your favorite stamps without worrying about any extra shipping cost.

  1. Diverse Range of Products

Not only do we offer an extensive range of custom stamps and labels, but we also supply directly to the Aircraft & Aerospace, Heavy Equipment, & Defense sectors of the United States. No matter your industry, we can support your stamping needs.

Not seeing what you need on our website? Feel free to give us a call at 801-486-2011 for an instant quote on any custom project.

At Winmark, we’re here to elevate your business with our custom stamp solutions. Dependability, customization, quality, and service – that’s the Winmark guarantee!

So, why wait? Browse our collection, customize your stamp, and place your order today. Enjoy the Winmark experience!

Stamp it, Mark it, Win with Winmark!


Winmark Glossary of Terms for Custom Stamping

These definitions will tell you everything you need to know about the creative, decorative, and versatile world of rubber stamps. There are multiple types of stamps, designs, and tools to facilitate transferring stamp images to your desired surface. These products provide diverse functionality, convenience, and the satisfaction of a project well done.

Acrylic Stamp Block

Acryllic stamp blocks are clear, re-usable blocks cling stamps are placed on to ensure the stamp image is evenly transferred to the desired destination. The block, also called a mount, usually has an alignment grid and is re-usable.

Clear Stamp / Cling Stamp

The clear stamp sticks or clings to transparent acrylic blocks. Also called the cling stamp, its tacky texture allows ink to adhere to the most intricate patterns. It’s usually made from clear photopolymer, enabling you to see how to place it exactly as desired.

Custom Wood Stamp / Art-Mounted Stamp

The custom wood stamp (or art-mounted stamp) is a rubber stamp with a laser-engraved image, mounted on a piece of hourglass wood. A separate ink pad is required to transfer the image to the desired surface.

Date Stamp

The date stamp has adjustable rotating bands with dates on it. Just as it sounds, it allows you to stamp a date on some type of document. Whether it’s for use at work or home, these stamps are great for staying organized.

Die Plate

A die plate is the interchangeable plate that goes on the stamp mount. Each plate features some type of design. For a new and different impression, just squeeze the buttons on the side and pull the current plate off. Snap the new plate on the mount.

Dye Ink

Dye ink is used in self-inking stamp pads, and great for use on paper surfaces. It’s a fast-drying, permanent ink with a liquid consistency.


An embosser is a stamp-like tool with plates that press a raised design or image into a piece of paper. Embossers are usually used by notaries. The tool can also be used for personal use, such as to emboss stationary, envelopes, foil labels, and book pages.

Embosser Clip / Embosser Die Plate

An embosser clip or embosser die plate is the removable, interchangeable insert that goes into the embosser. It features the design you want to emboss.


ExcelMark is a name-brand that produces generic and custom stamps and ink.

ExcelMark Flash Stamp

The ExcelMark Flash Stamp is an oil-based, pre-inked stamp that produces high-quality, sharp impressions. It can be used to make up to 50,000 impressions before re-inking.

ExcelMark Self-Inking Stamp

This ExcelMark product is ideal for repetitive stamping.  TheExcelMark Self-Inking Stamp includes a reversible, two-sided ink pad, doubling the number of times you can use the pad.

Ex Libris

An ex libris is used to inscribe a book to show ownership.

Heat embossing

Heat embossing, also called wet embossing, uses embossing ink, powder, and a heat source to imprint a raised impression.

Identity Theft Guard Stamp

An identity theft guard stamp imprints a special pattern on the desired paper, envelope, or document to make it difficult to read confidential information. Stop someone from stealing your personal information with one of these.

Inkless Thumbprint Pad

The inkless thumbprint pad consists of ink that wipes away clean. It’s used to fingerprint documents and authenticates checks.

Inspection Stamp

An inspection stamp is used to make repeated, constant small messages. It’s used for quality control or to imprint codes.


MasterMark is the name of a brand that produces stamps.

Number Stamp

A number stamp has rotating bands with numbers, and is used to sequentially number what is being stamped.

Pigment Ink

Pigment ink is a sticky, slow-drying, fade-resistant ink that adds color. It’s great for embossing, and can be used on a variety of surfaces when heat set, like wood, fabrics, and clay.

Pre-Inked Stamp

A pre-inked stamp is a stamp and stamp pad in one. It comes with a pre-inked cartridge, so a stamp pad is unnecessary.

Self-Inking Stamp

A self-inking stamp is a stamp mount that re-inks itself with a self-contained, rotating ink pad.


Shiny is a name-brand stamp producer.

Signature Stamp

A signature stamp is a stamp customized with a signature via a photo or scan. Save yourself the time and hustle of repeatedly signing your name, and put your John Hancock on one of these.

Stamp Refill Ink

Stamp refill ink is the ink used to refill the ink in pre-filled and self-inking stamps, and stamp pads. You may find it more convenient to refill your pad than to buy another one.

Traditional Rubber Stamp

A traditional rubber stamp is a stamp with a wood mount and a handle. Choose the size and shape you want and customize it to make your project complete.


Trodat is a stamp brand. There are several Trodat replacement self-inking stamp pads to choose from when stamp pads run dry.


Xstamper is a stamp brand.


4 Custom Stamps Every Business Needs


Rubber stamps are a great way for businesses to efficiently handle a number of operations. You need to get a durable stamp that can stand up to daily use. Here are four types of stamps every business needs.

Signature Stamps

One of the top stamps your business should use is a signature stamp. This can make it a lot easier for you to fill out important documents. Using custom signature stamps, you can save time on your daily operations by simply stamping your unique signature on the dotted line.

Think about how many times you have to sign an important document every day. Now, think about the time you could save if you didn’t have to sign each individual page. If you invest in a durable, custom rubber stamp, you can streamline your business operations, simply stamping your signature or your initials wherever they are required.

Signature stamps are great for business when they need to sign documents over and over again such as:Signature Name Bottom Black 300x300 - 4 Custom Stamps Every Business Needs

  • Business contracts
  • Employee contracts
  • Paychecks
  • Authorize notices
  • Thank you notes

Signature stamps are also great for differently-abled or elderly employees who have difficulty signing their name.

Date Stamps

A date stamp features a rollable wheel with bands to reflect the month, day, and year. That way, when the update changes, all you have to do is to change the dial instead. Self-inking date stamps are perfect to hold up to daily use, and make a clean impression time after time. Businesses that may benefit from using a date stamp include realtors, banks, and warehouses. You may use a date stamp for marking the date on business invoices, packing slips, contracts, permits, or receipts.

Business Address Stamps

You should also invest in a reliable address stamp for your business. When you are sending important messages to your business partners, customers, and employees, you can streamline this process with a business address stamp. Address stamps can reduce the chances of someone sending something to the wrong address. You can also include your logo on your custom address stamp to create a lasting impression on everyone who sees your correspondence.

AD038 300x300 - 4 Custom Stamps Every Business Needs AD002 300x300 - 4 Custom Stamps Every Business Needs

Banking Stamps

Bank stamps make it quick and easy to mark checks that are deposited or out for deposit. Bank stamps can be customized with your bank name, account number, account holder name, and more. Choose up to 6 lines of custom text on your banking stamp.

Contact Winmark Stamp and Sign for All Your Business Stamp Needs

If you are looking for the best possible stamps for your business, we are here to help. We are Winmark Stamp and Sign, and we provide the best stamps in the business. We can help you customize a stamp to meet your specific needs. Order online or contact us with any questions.


Everything a Business Owner Needs to Know About Corporate Seals

If you are interested in getting a corporate seal for your business, here are a few key points to keep in mind.

What is a Corporate Seal?

A company seal or corporate seal is essentially a signature tool used on behalf of a company by officials to show documents such as leases, employment/vendor contracts, etc. have been agreed upon and certified by the company or board. A corporate seal will contain the business name, year of incorporation, and state. You can also create a corporate stamp with logo.

When to Use a Company Seal?

Here are some situations when using a corporate seal may be appropriate:

  • If you are making resolutions in the name of the company
  • If you are executing high-level contracts
  • If you are conducting real estate transactions in the name of the company
  • If you are taking out loans for the company
  • If you are mortgaging assets
  • If you are signing international documents
  • If you are issuing stock shares

These are all situations where a corporate seal might be necessary. In addition, you cannot use a corporate seal without the approval of the members of the company in accordance with its Articles of Association.

Are Corporate Seals Required?

While not always required by state law, corporate seals provide authenticity and finality to business documents. Some professions also require professional stamps/embossers to validate documents. Businesses types that may be required to use a seal embosser include a notary, architects, and land surveyors.

NY Notary2 - Everything a Business Owner Needs to Know About Corporate Seals

How Do You Get a Corporate Seal?

Any business may choose to adopt and use a corporate seal.  If you need a corporate stamp or a corporate embosser, Winmark Stamp & Sign can help go over your options and possible state requirements. You may choose to use a corporate seal stamp or a corporate seal embosser.

Corporate Seal Stamp: Uses a rubber stamp pad and ink to mark company documents.

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Everything a Business Owner Needs to Know About Corporate Seals

Corporate Seal Embosser: Uses a handheld device to leave an indented marking on company documents.

gif;base64,R0lGODlhAQABAAAAACH5BAEKAAEALAAAAAABAAEAAAICTAEAOw== - Everything a Business Owner Needs to Know About Corporate Seals

Contact us for Your Corporate Seal Stamp or Corporate Seal Embosser

At Winmark Stamp & Sign, we can help you address all corporate seal requirements. We will be with you every step of the way, making sure that your corporate seal is the best reflection of your company. Contact Online or call us at 801-486-2011 today!

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To our valued customers:

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As a precautionary measure and to encourage social distancing, we are temporarily not offering will call services starting today, Tuesday, March 17th.

However, during these uncertain times, we are dedicated to serving you with these convenient services:

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We appreciate your business and hope to resume business as usual shortly. Please reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

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3 Harry Potter Gifts for the Potterhead in Your Life

Christmas may have been and gone but this does not mean that the gift-giving is over. After all, Valentine’s Day is only around the corner, and you may have a few winter birthdays that you need to buy presents for. If you are running out of ideas, we have you covered if you have a Potterhead in your life. With our magical selection of products, you can treat your loved one to a real Hogwarts experience.


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Leatherette Flask with FREE Funnel

IMG 1987 300x300 - 3 Harry Potter Gifts for the Potterhead in Your Life

No matter whether you want to join Harry and gang in Gryffindor or your loved one is more of a fan of Hufflepuff, you will be able to buy a leatherette flask in the house of your choice. We also have flasks that come with different sayings as well, for example, that one that says “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good.” With this Harry Potter merchandise, you will get a free stainless steel funnel, so that you can make sure none of your magic potions gets wasted! This is a gift that is assured to be loved by any Harry Potter fan. 

Stainless Steel Stemless Wine Glass


We also have a stylish stemless wine glass, which is adorned with the Harry Potter house of your choice. Not only does this Harry Potter merchandise boast a stylish design but it has been customized with a double-wall vacuum insulator, which means you can enjoy your wine at the right temperature. These wine glasses can be purchased as a solo or as part of a pack.

Stainless Steel Tumbler

IMG 1926 - 3 Harry Potter Gifts for the Potterhead in Your Life

If the person you are buying for is not a wine drinker, they will probably prefer our stainless steel tumbler. As you have probably guessed, this comes in designs suited to all of the houses. Professor McGonagall would certainly give you some house points for owning a tumbler like this, and so you can guarantee that your loved one is going to be impressed. This is especially the case when they discover that they can hold a good 32 ounces of their favorite drink inside of it. You can choose from black or stainless steel when selecting this gift. 

Shop Custom Harry Potter Gifts and Products

As you can see, there are a lot of great gift options for the Potterhead in your life. And, now is the best time to purchase these items, as we have cast our very own spell on these products, resulting in a massive 25 percent discount! We know; Dumbledore would be proud, right? So, take of these amazing deals before one of Harry’s enemies performs an Eradication Spell and removes our wizardry magic. Oh, and don’t forget; we offer free shipping on all orders over $50 as well, making your money go even further. 

Game-of-Thrones-Wine-Glass-Gift-Drink-and-Know-Things 9.27.24 PM

4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

When you’re looking to give a gift to someone in your life, you’ll always want it to be perfect. Because the gifts we give do say a lot about us as people! And if you actually care about the person you’re buying a gift for, then you’ll want to get it right. Rather than a blanket gift card, or something boring like socks (sorry Mum)!

So, when you’re shopping around, keep your giftee in mind. Their likes and loves too. Because if you can tap into what they care about, you’re onto a winner.

And if you’re getting a gift for a Game of Thrones fan, then game on. Because there’s just so much you could get. But rather than something generic and overdone, like, you know, Game of Thrones socks (again, sorry Mum!), get something cool that they can actually use! And yes, we’re totally thinking about Game of Thrones gifts that are collectibles and, of course, wine gifts here too.

Let’s dig in.

Game of Thrones Wine Glasses

Game of Thrones Wine Glass Gift Set - 4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

First up, we have wine glasses. Because who doesn’t love wine gifts? And any avid Game of Thrones fan that takes their interest remotely seriously will also be a lover of fine wines, like our main man Tyrion. And when they’ve got a fancy dinner party coming up or just fancy a lovely glass of wine one evening, sipping from a Game of Thrones themed chalice is the most fun.

Game of Thrones Wooden Coasters

game of thrones wooden coaster drink set gift idea - 4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

Or what do you do if your giftee is sober or hates wine? Sigh! Shame on them for being so difficult! Now you’re stuck looking for Game of Thrones gifts that are way less fun! But, you can still give them a little elation with a GoT themed addition to the home. That’s right, you can get Game of Thrones wooden coasters for their beverage of choice – whatever that may be. Wine gifts may not be their thing, but you can still get collectibles that they’ll enjoy. And, get a kick out of every time they lift their cup!

Game of Thrones Flasks

game of thrones leather flask gift - 4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

Next in our titillating Game of Thrones gifts roster, is flasks. Because what GoT fan doesn’t want their very own themed flask for the road? Or a get-together. Or just for the couch because it’s easier than getting up! Tyrion would be proud! And any real fan wouldn’t want just any old metallic flask for their favorite drink – oh no. They want to represent their house of choice, drink from the face of Cersei or Jon Snow, or even just rep the Game of Thrones team in general!

Game of Thrones Steel Tumbler

game of thrones coffee tumblr gift - 4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

And finally, to finish our cool list off just right, we’re going back to wine gifts our loved one will go crazy for. And when it comes to Game of Thrones gifts you can’t get any more classic than a steel tumbler! Collectibles don’t get better than this. And besides that, who doesn’t want to sport a great GoT themed tumbler on the road?

So, great gift-giver, go forth and choose from the coolest Game of Thrones gifts around for your giftee’s special occasion!

3 Ways Custom Stamps Help Brand Your Business

3 Ways Custom Stamps Help Brand Your Business

Small business marketing is a challenging tightrope to walk. On the one hand, you want to keep expenses as low as possible, but on the other, you need to reach out to customers and build brand awareness. It can be tricky to deliver the right balance.

The good news, however, is that there is an assortment of low-cost marketing strategies that you can use to your benefit, no matter what the size of your enterprise. One of the more unusual is custom stamps. Custom stamps let you stamp all of your customer correspondence with your corporate brand, creating unique and exciting effects.

Check out the following ways that you can use custom stamps to help your small business brand stand out.

#1 – Custom Stamps for Business Cards

Business cards are notoriously dry, but you can up the ante by including a custom stamp on the front. By acquiring a custom stamp, you can create something unique and original that simply isn’t available through regular custom stamp platforms.

There’s another benefit of customs stamps for business cards: the price. Business cards aren’t cheap, and once you’ve added extras (such as a glossy finish and double-sided printing), you can soon find yourself spending a substantial amount of money. If you want to create beautiful business cards that speak to your business’s brand that are also inexpensive, then custom stamps are the way to go.

#2 – Custom Stamp for Thank You Cards

Small businesses need to show their customers that they appreciate them. And there’s no better way to do that than with a thank you card. You can use thank you cards for all sorts of things, from showing your appreciation for a large purchase to following up with customers after an event.

Buying pre-printed thank you cards in bulk is not only costly but may not be tailored to your brand. Sure, you could pay a design agency to create something bespoke, but for small businesses, it’s often a lot easier to stamp them yourself.

Let’s say that you supply craft jewelry over Etsy. When a customer completes an order, you could use your custom stamp on a small business card-size piece of card and insert it along with the rest of the package. A custom stamp containing your message saves you from having to re-write your thank you note again with each order.

#3 – Custom Stamps for Packaging

In recent years, there’s been a trend towards ever-more elaborate packaging. Large companies create beautiful, bespoke packages for their products that excite and enthrall customers. How are small businesses supposed to compete?

Custom stamps may be the answer. With a custom stamp, your small business can customize its packaging, creating beautiful, handmade packaging designs.

Small additions can make an enormous difference to customer experience. Customers will love the fact that your packaging is unique and not something “off-the-shelf.” You’ll create a unique experience that the people who buy from you will remember, all with the use of something as simple as a stamp.

Will you start using custom stamps to help brand your business?


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