A name badge is an instant introduction which tells a person who you are and where you work…so you’re no longer a stranger. Name badges come in a variety of styles from basic plastic badges with a name or title only to a full color name badge with a company logo. Here are 5 reasons why it is important to wear a name badge.


Better Communication.

Studies have shown that communication is enhanced between people if they know each other’s name. It gives the person you are communicating with an easier chance of remembering your name and the company you represent by having your name badge on and in a visible spot.


If someone has a name badge on, there is a good chance they will be trusted more, especially if that name badge has a company logo or company name on it. Trust is a solid foundation to build relationships by and name badges can assist with building rapport.


Most people agree that having employees wear name badges helps to create a more professional environment. Name badges also provide customers with the ability to compliment an employee for a job well done through online reviews.


People who wear name badges often provide better customer service. Employees know there is accountability and that the person they are dealing with has the ability to easily get their name.

Stronger Corporate Identification.

Corporate branding requires getting your business logo as widely spread as possible. Name badges are an easy way to get your logo out there. It is an easy way to represent your name and the company you work for at networking events and trade shows.


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