Winmark manufactures labels, tags, decals, and nameplates to meet a large variety of customer requirements. No client is too big or too small for Winmark. With on-site manufacturing, Winmark specializes in producing high-quality products that allow for custom design, as well as multiple runs. Almost every manufactured product, assembly or component has some type of requirement for labeling or tagging. From serial number tags, barcodes to warning labels Winmark has you covered. We can produce labels, tags, and decals that identify, organize, instruct, warn of potential danger, or simply brand your equipment. Labels and tags are an efficient and easy method to show information consistently. From cheap and affordable plastic engraved tags to large cast bronze memorial plaques think of Winmark for any of your labeling and tagging needs.


Are a simple yet easy option for labeling vital information. The benefits of plastic engraved tags is they come in a variety of colors and can be cut to almost any size or shape desired. Plastic engraved tags are the perfect solution for tagging electrical panels, control panels, legend plates, identification tags and many more applications. Plastic engraved tags are a fast solution for short to medium production runs.

Are made with the use of lasers to mark the material. This can be accomplished in the form of laser engraving, laser bonding, and laser printing. The advantages to laser marked plates are numerous. The results of laser marking will create crisp and highly detailed prints of your custom design. Laser marking is a rather versatile marking method, and while laser marked plates are made out of metal, the marking medium itself can actually be used on other materials such as plastic, most metals, wood, ceramic, acrylic, granite, stainless steel, marble, glass and more. Laser marking is also a fast solution for short to medium production runs.



Can be used for a wide variety of purposes and by a huge number of industries. Labels are ideal when you need to help identify a product, show people who the manufacturer is, and declare what model a product is. You can also use these to display what brand an item belongs to, to tag and price products with, to warn people of certain dangers that come with a product and many, many more applications. Winmark produces custom labels using a variety of materials including aluminum foil, polyester (Mylar), destructible vinyl, vinyl and Lexan.  Some of these labels have self-adhesives, while others have holes that allow you to attach these to the items they need to identify.

To help you choose the right label for your requirements here is a list of each type of label that Winmark manufacturers.

Aluminum Foil Labels

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Are made out of aluminum foil and normally backed with a thin adhesive material. Due to the thinness of the foil material these labels are the perfect solution for curved and rounded surfaces. The inherent qualities of the material aluminum foil labels can be used almost anywhere. These custom made aluminum foil labels are a good solution for asset tag purposes, for model and serial number tags, warning tags and many more applications. Aluminum foil labels are a good solution for short to long production runs.

Polyester Mylar Labels

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Are a good application for a variety of labeling needs due to their many reliable features. Mylar labels are durable, scratch resistant and waterproof. When these labels are produced with a protective overlaminate, they can withstand some of the toughest conditions, making them ideal for indoor industrial use as well as outdoor usage. Polyester Mylar Labels are a good solution for short to long production runs.

Digital Printed Labels

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Are made with the use of a wide format digital printer. Custom Digital Printed Labels can be produced rather quickly since the process allows for quick speed printing. These labels are a cost-effective solution since they can be produced without the need for pre-crafted templates or printing plates for silk screening. Digital Printed Labels are an ideal option for those who want quality, multicolored labels that are durable yet economical. Digital Printed Labels are a good solution for short to medium production runs.

Polycarbonate Lexan Labels

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Are highly durable, very customizable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These labels can be customized easily to fit your many needs, and can even be treated with an overcoat to help make them more durable. Polycarbonate Lexan Labels are ideal for uses that expose them to intensive use and changing environmental conditions. These labels are UV resistant as well as resistant to both abrasions and certain chemicals. Custom production allows for the creation of tags that are very precise and can meet very strict customer tolerances. Polycarbonate Lexan Labels are a good solution for medium to long production runs.

Photosensitive Aluminum Plates

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Also known as Metalphoto, are a special anodized aluminum plate that is used to create high-resolution and durable labels, nameplates and control panels. These plates are cost-effective and a very versatile solution for industrial applications. Metalphoto nameplates can meet the most stringent industrial and military standards and are made out of the highest quality anodized aluminum. With the image embedded in a sapphire-hard anodized layer, Metalphoto anodized aluminum nameplates maintain their original look for years through extreme temperatures, abrasions, salt sprays, most chemicals and long outdoor exposure. Photosensitive Aluminum Plates are a good solution for short to medium production runs.

Etched Metal Plates

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Are extremely durable, great for outdoor use and for applications that expose them to harsh environments. These are UV resistant, chemical resistant, and are ideal for various industries that include oil and gas, transportation, and manufacturing, to name a few. Etched metal nameplates are highly durable since the markings on these are eaten into the metal with the use of a mordant, or an acid, that creates the recessed designs into these plates. You can use these plates for a wide variety of applications that include plates used in industrial settings, commercial applications, and even for special needs, like for the creation of badges, emblems, and much more. Etched Metal Plates are a good solution for medium to long production runs.

Graphic Overlays

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Are used over control panels and provide a designation for buttons and other controls. Graphic overlays are made to help protect the insides of electronic devices, while still allowing users to easily operate and use such panels. These graphic overlays are customized according to a company's needs and can have windows used for displays, cut-outs for LEDs, and many other features. These can be used on front panels, recessed moldings, and for switch assemblies, customized to suit your very specific dimensional requirements. The custom artwork for the Graphic Overlays can be made in many different colors and can come with or without backing plates and adhesives. Our manufacturing process, which comes with the print being added sub-surface or on the underside, ensures that our overlays are scratch-resistant, chemical resistant, and highly durable. These are ideal for use on a number of products that include appliances, electronics, medical equipment, computers, and industrial equipment, to mention but a few. Overlays are a good solution for medium to long production runs.