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Graphic Overlays, are used over control panels and provide designation for buttons and other controls. Graphic Overlays are made to help protect the insides of electronic devices, while still allowing users to easily operate and use such panels. These graphic overlays are customized according to a company’s needs and can have windows used for displays, cut-outs for LEDs, and many other features. These can be used on front panels, recessed moldings, and for switch assemblies, customized to suit your very specific dimensional requirements. The custom artwork for the Graphic Overlays can be made in many different colors and can come with or without backing plates and adhesives. Our manufacturing process, which comes with the print being added sub-surface or on the underside, ensures that our overlays are scratch-resistant, chemical resistant, and highly durable. These are ideal for use on a number of products that include appliances, electronics, medical equipment, computers, and industrial equipment, to mention but a few. Overlays are a good solution for medium to long production runs.

> Graphic Overlays can be produced to your specific demands for custom cut shapes

> Suitable for flat and simple curved surfaces

> Heat, water, UV resistant, abrasion and chemical resistant

> Overlays are a good choice for control panels, instrumentation facings and overlays

> Highly customizable printing using our 4 color printing process techniques

> Sub-surface printing provides permanent protection

> Tight-tolerance printing and cut-outs

> Affordable prototyping

> Unlimited personalization of each printed piece


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