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Polycarbonate Lexan Labels are highly durable, very customizable and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These labels can be customized easily to fit your many needs, and can even be treated with an overcoat to help make them more durable. Polycarbonate Lexan Labels are ideal for uses that expose them to intensive use and changing environmental conditions. These labels are UV resistant as well as resistant to both abrasions and certain chemicals. Custom production allows for the creation of tags that are very precise and can meet very strict customer tolerances. Polycarbonate Lexan Labels are a good solution for medium to long production runs.

> Polycarbonate Lexan Labels can be produced to your specific demands for custom cut shapes

Suitable for flat and simple curved surfaces

> Heat, water, UV resistant, abrasion and chemical resistant

> Polycarbonate Lexan Labels are a good choice for control panels, instrumentation facings, and overlays

> Highly customizable printing using our 4 color printing process techniques

> Sub-surface printing provides permanent protection

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