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4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

When you’re looking to give a gift to someone in your life, you’ll always want it to be perfect. Because the gifts we give do say a lot about us as people! And if you actually care about the person you’re buying a gift for, then you’ll want to get it right. Rather than a blanket gift card, or something boring like socks (sorry Mum)!

So, when you’re shopping around, keep your giftee in mind. Their likes and loves too. Because if you can tap into what they care about, you’re onto a winner.

And if you’re getting a gift for a Game of Thrones fan, then game on. Because there’s just so much you could get. But rather than something generic and overdone, like, you know, Game of Thrones socks (again, sorry Mum!), get something cool that they can actually use! And yes, we’re totally thinking about Game of Thrones gifts that are collectibles and, of course, wine gifts here too.

Let’s dig in.

Game of Thrones Wine Glasses

Game of Thrones Wine Glass Gift Set - 4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

First up, we have wine glasses. Because who doesn’t love wine gifts? And any avid Game of Thrones fan that takes their interest remotely seriously will also be a lover of fine wines, like our main man Tyrion. And when they’ve got a fancy dinner party coming up or just fancy a lovely glass of wine one evening, sipping from a Game of Thrones themed chalice is the most fun.

Game of Thrones Wooden Coasters

game of thrones wooden coaster drink set gift idea - 4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

Or what do you do if your giftee is sober or hates wine? Sigh! Shame on them for being so difficult! Now you’re stuck looking for Game of Thrones gifts that are way less fun! But, you can still give them a little elation with a GoT themed addition to the home. That’s right, you can get Game of Thrones wooden coasters for their beverage of choice – whatever that may be. Wine gifts may not be their thing, but you can still get collectibles that they’ll enjoy. And, get a kick out of every time they lift their cup!

Game of Thrones Flasks

game of thrones leather flask gift - 4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

Next in our titillating Game of Thrones gifts roster, is flasks. Because what GoT fan doesn’t want their very own themed flask for the road? Or a get-together. Or just for the couch because it’s easier than getting up! Tyrion would be proud! And any real fan wouldn’t want just any old metallic flask for their favorite drink – oh no. They want to represent their house of choice, drink from the face of Cersei or Jon Snow, or even just rep the Game of Thrones team in general!

Game of Thrones Steel Tumbler

game of thrones coffee tumblr gift - 4 Cool Game of Thrones Gift Ideas Any Fan Would Love!

And finally, to finish our cool list off just right, we’re going back to wine gifts our loved one will go crazy for. And when it comes to Game of Thrones gifts you can’t get any more classic than a steel tumbler! Collectibles don’t get better than this. And besides that, who doesn’t want to sport a great GoT themed tumbler on the road?

So, great gift-giver, go forth and choose from the coolest Game of Thrones gifts around for your giftee’s special occasion!


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