So you are interested in ordering a custom stamp. Many people do not realize the amount of options that are available when ordering stamps. Price can be a determining factor in choosing a stamp, but keep in mind that cheap is not always the best or correct option for you. Below are a few of the questions you might have when deciding on the proper stamp for your application.


What type of material are you stamping onto?

The type of material you are stamping onto should be considered when selecting a stamp. If you are stamping onto a porous surface, like paper or boxes, any of our custom stamps will work. If you are stamping onto a non-porous surface like glossy brochures, metals or plastics, then you will need a natural rubber stamp with quick drying ink. For the sake of simplicity I will focus on the porous stamp applications at this time. Natural rubber stamps and quick drying inks have many options and requirements and deserve their own blog post.


How much do you intend to use the stamp?

The amount of usage can help determine the best stamp for you. Self-Inking stamps are best for high volume stamping as there is an internal pad that refreshes the stamp die after each impression. Our rubber stamps are another good option for high volume usage. There is just the added step of needing to ink the stamp with a separate stamp pad after each stamp. We do not recommend Pre-Inked stamps for high volume stamping as the stamp impression will continuously lighten with each stamp. Pre-Inked stamps need time between each impression to let ink flow down to the bottom of the stamp.


Are you looking for a high quality stamp impression?

If you are looking for a crisp, clean stamp impression to really show off that company logo, or ensure readability for those legal documents, we have a stamp for that. Keep in mind that you will never be able to duplicate print quality with a stamp, but you can get “near print quality” as we say, with our line of Pre-Inked stamps. They are the type of stamp we recommend for signatures, notaries and licensed professional stamps. Our other custom stamp product lines will work for quality stamp impressions as well. Most people realize that stamping can cause minor imperfections and high quality images will not always come out looking perfect.


How big do you want your stamp?

The size of the stamp impression you want is another way of choosing your stamp. If the stamp you want is very large our rubber stamps are the most economical option. Another great thing about using rubber stamps for large stamping applications is the option of getting a rocker mount. They are manufactured on a concave wood surface so you rock the stamp impression onto what you are stamping. The benefit of rocker mounts on larger stamps is that they are easier to get a clear stamp impression. If you do not use a rocker mount on larger rubber stamps the impressions tend to come out poor. This is due to a lack of consistent pressure across the entire surface of the stamp.

If you are looking for a large stamp without wanting to use a separate ink pad our Pre-Inked stamps are a good option due to the impression quality and ease of stamping they provide. There are a few large Self-Inking stamps offered but do not recommend them as we tend to see inconsistent stamp impressions. If you are looking for tiny stamps we have you covered. Any of our custom stamp product lines offer tiny stamp sizes as well.


What color of ink do you want your stamp to be?

The color of ink that you want can be a factor in which type of stamp would be best for you. We offer 5 basic ink colors for our custom stamps; Black, Red, Blue, Green and Purple. However that does not mean those are the only color options available to you. If you would like a metallic or specialty ink, our Rubber stamps and Self-Inking stamps are a good option for you. We can provide you with the stamp and a dry ink pad that you can ink yourself with whatever color you want. Another way you can determine what type of stamp you should buy is to look around your office and see what type of stamps other people use. Different types of stamps can require different inks so staying consistent is a good way to make sure the proper ink is used throughout your entire office.


What type of stamp do you prefer?

At the end of the day sometimes the only factor you need to determine your decision is, what kind of stamp do you like best? Personal preference goes a long way towards satisfaction. Sometimes the best decisions are the easiest decisions. And it is just a stamp after all.

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