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Frequently Asked Questions About Our Stamps

How are your prices so low? 

We are actually the manufacturer. We don’t purchase stamps and resell them like many of our competitors. We provide the full product. Everything is tested to ensure only the best quality stamp or sign is delivered to you.

Why do other places like local stores charge so much? 

Other stores most likely don’t just sell stamps and signs. Local shops provide many other types of products such as embroidered shirts, custom coffee mugs, etc. At Winmark Stamp & Sign, this is all we do. We are professional manufacturers making hundreds and sometimes thousands of stamps every single day. This helps us keep our costs down, and provides us with the ability to satisfy our customers around the USA.

I can upload logos or images for free?  Can I upload anything I want?

If you design it, you make it, you own rights for it, definitely!  We do lots of stamp for companies big and small and use their logos, artists with unique sketches, make stamps for moms with heart-touching scribbles, graphic designers, coffee roasters, indie bands, farmer’s markets…and on and on.

If it’s officially licensed, trademarked, copyrighted, even if it’s just for “personal use” and not for resale, we cannot manufacture it without written permission from the company or intellectual property holder.  We’re looking at you, middle-aged man that spent an hour arguing his request for 1000 “Hello Kitty” stamps were all for “personal use.”

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For over 55 years the Winmark family has helped organizations & individuals get the quality product & service they need.

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With 50 years of experience in the marking, identification, rubber stamp and custom sign industry, Winmark is a strong choice for all of your marking and identifying needs. Read our blog.

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