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About Us

About Us

Do you know how Winmark got its name?

Winmark is a mixture of our first president’s last name, Earl Winkelman, and ‘mark’ short for Marking. Winkelman + Marking = Winmark

Did you know our Graphic Designer, Pam Tupa, has been a part of Winmark for over 25 years now?

Bob Szwedko has been working at Winmark as our Master Engraver from the very beginning. Over 40 years of engraving experience!

FUN FACT! Did you know parts of this movie were filmed in front of Winmark? Can you find our parking lot in this trailer?

In 1962 a gentleman, by the name of Jack Larson, formed Larson Rubber Stamp. Days were spent developing a loyal customer base while nights and weekends were devoted to the manufacturing of the products.

In 1977, Earl Winkelman purchased the company and immediately changed the name to Winmark Incorporated. The name Winmark is a mixture of our first president’s last name, Earl Winkelman, and ‘mark’ short for Marking. Winkelman + Marking = Winmark

Under new management, and with the help of Earl’s children Wendy, Brett and Traci, Winmark broadened the product line to include more complex marking and identification applications. With hard work and determination Winmark grew and flourished and became known as a leading manufacturer of not only custom rubber stamps but name plates, name badges, signs, stencils, tags, labels, embossing seals, banners, custom engraving, inks and various other marking and identification products.

When Earl retired in 1989, Winmark was purchased by his two daughters, Wendy Lauer and Traci Szwedko. Wendy and Traci also worked hard to build their customer base and offer only high quality products and service.

In 2007 Wendy decided to retire and Traci took sole ownership of the company. Traci and the Winmark team have worked hard in keeping current with modern technology, researching top notch products and equipment, and keeping up with the latest market trends.

In 2016 Traci decided to retire from the business to tend to chronic health problems. The ownership of Winmark has now been taken over by a 3rd generation, Traci’s son Brian Szwedko.

Winmark has been known for our very strong work ethic for over 55 years. We continue to offer the quality service and products which our customers have come to know and expect. We continue to be a major part of the marking industry today and for many years to come.


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For over 55 years the Winmark family has helped organizations & individuals get the quality product & service they need.

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About WinMark

With 50 years of experience in the marking, identification, rubber stamp and custom sign industry, Winmark is a strong choice for all of your marking and identifying needs. Read our blog.

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