These definitions will tell you everything you need to know about the creative, decorative, and versatile world of rubber stamps. There are multiple types of stamps, designs, and tools to facilitate transferring stamp images to your desired surface. These products provide diverse functionality, convenience, and the satisfaction of a project well done.

Acrylic Stamp Block

Acryllic stamp blocks are clear, re-usable blocks cling stamps are placed on to ensure the stamp image is evenly transferred to the desired destination. The block, also called a mount, usually has an alignment grid and is re-usable.

Clear Stamp / Cling Stamp

The clear stamp sticks or clings to transparent acrylic blocks. Also called the cling stamp, its tacky texture allows ink to adhere to the most intricate patterns. It’s usually made from clear photopolymer, enabling you to see how to place it exactly as desired.

Custom Wood Stamp / Art-Mounted Stamp

The custom wood stamp (or art-mounted stamp) is a rubber stamp with a laser-engraved image, mounted on a piece of hourglass wood. A separate ink pad is required to transfer the image to the desired surface.

Date Stamp

The date stamp has adjustable rotating bands with dates on it. Just as it sounds, it allows you to stamp a date on some type of document. Whether it’s for use at work or home, these stamps are great for staying organized.

Die Plate

A die plate is the interchangeable plate that goes on the stamp mount. Each plate features some type of design. For a new and different impression, just squeeze the buttons on the side and pull the current plate off. Snap the new plate on the mount.

Dye Ink

Dye ink is used in self-inking stamp pads, and great for use on paper surfaces. It’s a fast-drying, permanent ink with a liquid consistency.


An embosser is a stamp-like tool with plates that press a raised design or image into a piece of paper. Embossers are usually used by notaries. The tool can also be used for personal use, such as to emboss stationary, envelopes, foil labels, and book pages.

Embosser Clip / Embosser Die Plate

An embosser clip or embosser die plate is the removable, interchangeable insert that goes into the embosser. It features the design you want to emboss.


ExcelMark is a name-brand that produces generic and custom stamps and ink.

ExcelMark Flash Stamp

The ExcelMark Flash Stamp is an oil-based, pre-inked stamp that produces high-quality, sharp impressions. It can be used to make up to 50,000 impressions before re-inking.

ExcelMark Self-Inking Stamp

This ExcelMark product is ideal for repetitive stamping.  TheExcelMark Self-Inking Stamp includes a reversible, two-sided ink pad, doubling the number of times you can use the pad.

Ex Libris

An ex libris is used to inscribe a book to show ownership.

Heat embossing

Heat embossing, also called wet embossing, uses embossing ink, powder, and a heat source to imprint a raised impression.

Identity Theft Guard Stamp

An identity theft guard stamp imprints a special pattern on the desired paper, envelope, or document to make it difficult to read confidential information. Stop someone from stealing your personal information with one of these.

Inkless Thumbprint Pad

The inkless thumbprint pad consists of ink that wipes away clean. It’s used to fingerprint documents and authenticates checks.

Inspection Stamp

An inspection stamp is used to make repeated, constant small messages. It’s used for quality control or to imprint codes.


MasterMark is the name of a brand that produces stamps.

Number Stamp

A number stamp has rotating bands with numbers, and is used to sequentially number what is being stamped.

Pigment Ink

Pigment ink is a sticky, slow-drying, fade-resistant ink that adds color. It’s great for embossing, and can be used on a variety of surfaces when heat set, like wood, fabrics, and clay.

Pre-Inked Stamp

A pre-inked stamp is a stamp and stamp pad in one. It comes with a pre-inked cartridge, so a stamp pad is unnecessary.

Self-Inking Stamp

A self-inking stamp is a stamp mount that re-inks itself with a self-contained, rotating ink pad.


Shiny is a name-brand stamp producer.

Signature Stamp

A signature stamp is a stamp customized with a signature via a photo or scan. Save yourself the time and hustle of repeatedly signing your name, and put your John Hancock on one of these.

Stamp Refill Ink

Stamp refill ink is the ink used to refill the ink in pre-filled and self-inking stamps, and stamp pads. You may find it more convenient to refill your pad than to buy another one.

Traditional Rubber Stamp

A traditional rubber stamp is a stamp with a wood mount and a handle. Choose the size and shape you want and customize it to make your project complete.


Trodat is a stamp brand. There are several Trodat replacement self-inking stamp pads to choose from when stamp pads run dry.


Xstamper is a stamp brand.