10 Ways You Can Use Custom Stamps

Ever wonder what kind of things you could use a custom rubber stamp for? We went ahead and put together a quick list of 10 reasons you may want to use a custom rubber stamp. If you have other ideas, please comment below!

  1. Decorate plain envelopes
  2. Stamp scrabble tiles for pendants.
  3. Kid tattoos – using washable ink!
  4. Stamp sew in or iron-on fabric labels “handmade by…” or your logo!
  5. Decorate wooden boxes, frames, dresser fronts
  6. Stamp on walls. A lot faster than stenciling!
  7. Stamp your favorite inspirational quote, verse, saying onto everything you mail out – even your bills!
  8. Stamp recipe cards, canning jar labels, labels for food items that you give as gifts.
  9. Stamp your own bookplates on paper or adhesive labels.
  10. Make Christmas tree ornaments


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